Adult Yorkies For Sale

Page Updated: January 11, 2019


Please take the time to read the Bio by each adult that's for sale before you fill out the application!

If they're posted below they are available.

Harper is my next girl that will retired and placed in a Pet Home once her current litter of babies is weaned. She should be ready to leave around the end of March. She will be spayed and receive a fresh dental. She will be 6 years old in April. Her D.O.B. is April 23, 2013. She will be UTD on her annual vaccinations. She does have a 3 year Rabies vaccine that is good until June 2, 2021

Pet Price $500

AKC Traditional Yorkie Female

Dancing with the Stars


D.O.B. January 25, 2015 (3 years old)

 I purchased Suke in February of this year to include in my breeding program. It has become apparent to me that she shouldn't be bred. She should've been placed in a pet home to begin with and not sold to me for breeding. 

She is a super sweet girl with a very friendly personality. She is adorable with a beautiful baby doll face. She gets along really well with all of my other Yorkies. She is shaved down in a puppy cut now. Her ears do stand up, just not when I'm trying to take her picture. She has a perfect ear set.

She will come UTD on all of her annual vaccinations and a 3 year Rabies that is good until February 24, 2021. She is on Revolution for fleas, ticks and Heartworm prevention. She is also Microchipped. She is a small girl, normally weighing between 4.8-5 lbs.

She's had a fresh dental but will need to be spayed. Once proof of spay is received you will receive her AKC paperwork & pedigree in the mail.

Pet Price $1000

IBC German Biro Yorkie Male

Be Southern Star's Mystic Kahlua Flame


D.O.B. July 14, 2012 (6 years old)

I have decided to no longer breed the German Biro Yorkies and only focus on the German Biewer's.

Kahlua has been here with me since he was a very young puppy. He is such an adorable little man I have put off placing him in a Pet Home until now. He has a cute baby doll face, short legs and cobby body. He has the sweetest personality, is very friendly and gets along well with all of my other Yorkies. He's doggy door trained and wears a belly band when he's inside. He has been cut down in a puppy cut.

He will come UTD on all his annual vaccinations and has a 3 year Rabies vaccine that is good until June 5, 2019. He is on Revolution for fleas, ticks and Heartworm prevention and is Microchipped.

He will be neutered before he leaves. His dental is current. His teeth were pretty bad early on and he's had to have a lot of teeth removed. He still eats dry dog food fine and his tongue doesn't stick out of his mouth.

Pet Price $500  

AKC Chocolate Yorkie Male

2X N Gucci Man of Southern Star


D.O.B. June 21, 2012 (6 years old)

I have decided to scale down on the number of male's on my premise's. It pains me greatly to let my boys go. I absolutely LOVE them and get so attached to all of them. It's so hard to let them go.

Gucci has been here since birth. He is out of Cheyanne (retired) & Hershey. He is adorable and has a gorgeous baby doll face. He's the sweetest little guy too. He would do best in a home without any other male dogs because he does like to be the Alpha and definitely will be testy with other boys that get in his personal space. He is doggy door trained and wears a belly band when he's inside.

He will come UTD on all his annual vaccinations and a 3 year Rabies vaccine that is good until June 12, 2019. He is on Revolution for fleas, ticks and Heartworm prevention. He does not have a Microchip, somehow I missed getting him chipped. He normally weighs around 5.8 lbs.

Gucci has been neutered and had a fresh dental. He is ready for his forever home now.

Pet Price $350