Adult Yorkies For Sale

Page Updated: January 8, 2018


Please take the time to read the Bio by each adult that's for sale before you fill out the application!

I will have 4 female Yorkies that I'll be retiring in 2018.

2 Chocolate Yorkies, Tiki & Reese.

2 German Biewer Yorkies, Brylee & Merrick.

Brylee & Merrick have already been spoken for but the other 2 girls will be available in 2018.

AKC Chocolate Yorkie Male

Parti Gene Carrier

2X N Gucci Man of Southern Star


D.O.B. June 21, 2012

I have decided to scale down on the number of male's on my premise's. It pains me greatly to let my boys go. I absolutely LOVE them and get so attached to all of them. It's so hard to let them go.

Gucci has been here since birth. He is out of Cheyanne (retired) & Hershey. He is adorable and has a gorgeous baby doll face. He's the sweetest little guy too. He would do best in a home without any other male dogs because he does like to be the Alpha and can be testy with other boys. He is available to a Pet Home.

He will come UTD on all his annual vaccinations and a 3 year Rabies vaccine that is good until June 12, 2019. He does not have a Microchip, somehow I missed getting him chipped. He normally weighs 5 to 5.8 lbs.

When Gucci is reserved, he will be neutered and his dental will be done prior to leaving for his new home.

Pet Price $500

German Biewer Yorkie Male

Bentley Benefit Gold



D.O.B. November 18, 2015

FCI Ukrainian Export Pedigree/IBC & CKC  Registered

Parker is a gorgeous boy and such a sweetheart. He has stayed jet black even after being shaved down in a short summer cut. He has fabulous color! I imported him from Ukraine in March of 2016. Photos of his Sire & Dam and their pedigrees can be seen on the "Biewer-Biro Studs" page of this site. He has a fabulous pedigree!! 

I've decided to place him for sale at this time because....1. I have kept 2 of his girls to include in my breeding program 2. Juice has now come of age and is breeding.

He would do well in a home with other female dogs but he is a bit testy with some of my boys. That may go away when he is neutered. He is used to a doggy door and does wear a belly band.

Parker will come UTD on his annual vaccinations and a 3 year Rabies that is good until April 29, 2020. He is also Microchipped. He weighs 5 lbs 10 ozs and is fully grown @ 2 years old.

At Pet Price, he will come neutered and have a fresh dental before he leaves. With Full Breeding Rights, he will come with a fresh dental.

Pet Price $1500

Full Breeding Rights $3000

AKC Traditional Yorkie Male

Chocolate Gene Carrier

Prince Royal Son


Blue & Tan

D.O.B. April 23, 2013

Prince is a wonderful little guy. Such a sweet boy! He gets along well with all my other Yorkies (girls & boys). He has a very nice pedigree with Stardust lines.

I've decided to place him in a pet home or with a small in-home breeder. I have 2 other Traditional males, the youngest boy has just begun breeding, so I need to scale down on my boys. Prince is used to using a doggy door and does wear a belly band. I keep him shaved down in a puppy cut.

Prince will come UTD on his annual vaccinations and has a 3 year Rabies vaccine that is good until May 23, 2018. He is also Microchipped. He weighed 4.12 lbs when I got him as an adult but I feed my dogs well and he's probably put on a lb or so. I haven't weighed him in 6+ months. 

At Pet Price, he will come neutered with a fresh dental. With Full AKC Breeding Rights, he will come with a fresh dental.

Pet Price $500

Full AKC Registration $1200