Adult Yorkies For Sale

Page Updated: March 23, 2019 

Please take the time to read the Bio by each adult that's for sale before you fill out the application!

If they're posted below, they are available.

AKC Traditional Yorkie Female

Dancing with the Stars


D.O.B. January 25, 2015

 I purchased Suke in February of 2018 to include in my breeding program. It has become apparent to me that she shouldn't be bred. She should've been placed in a pet home to begin with and not sold to me for breeding. 

She is a super sweet girl with a very friendly personality. She is adorable with a beautiful baby doll face. She gets along really well with all of my other Yorkies. She's the perfect little girl when it comes to grooming and bathing too. She is shaved down in a puppy cut now. Her pics are current, taken on 2/2/19.

She will come UTD on all of her annual vaccinations and a 3 year Rabies that is good until February 24, 2021. She is on Revolution for fleas, ticks and Heartworm prevention. She is also Microchipped. She is a small girl, normally weighing between 4.8-5 lbs.

Suke's teeth are good and her dental is current. She was spayed on Monday, February 4th. She is ready to leave now.

Pet Price $850

AKC Micro Tiny Traditional Yorkie Boy

FCI Export Pedigree & AKC Registered 

 DNA on file w/AKC

Super Glamour Silver


D.O.B. September 5, 2016

I imported Enzo as a puppy from Ukraine to include in my breeding program. He's become a big part of my family and holds a huge piece of my heart. He was never a very good stud muffin, just a tiny love bug. He only produced one puppy in January of 2018. But he's such a adorable tiny little man that I didn't care. He's absolutely gorgeous!!!

He developed Orchitis back in December of 2018, was treated by my Vet, but was also warned that it does tend to leave them sterile. Unfortunately, that is the case with Enzo. I have him scheduled to be neutered and get a fresh dental on April 3rd.

He has lived inside my home his entire life and is spoiled rotten. He does wear a belly band for male dogs. He has never hiked his leg, he always swats. He has a very sweet docile personality and loves to sleep. He gets along well with all of my other dogs. It's been a very hard decision for me whether I want to part with him or not. It's heartbreaking for me to let him go but I just can't keep them all. I will be very picky where he goes. I don't want him in a home with larger dogs or small children. He is super tiny, only weighs 3 lbs on a good day.

He has been shaved down many times and his color has always stayed jet black when it grows back out. He is shaved down now in a puppy cut, with his body cut short but long beard and long hair on his legs.

He will come UTD on all his yearly vaccinations and has a 3 year Rabies vaccine that is good until 12/2/20. He is on Revolution for fleas, ticks and Heartworm prevention. Also Microchipped and Tattoo'd.

Pet Price $2800   

AKC Traditional Yorkie Female


D.O.B. April 23, 2013

Harper has been with me since she was 5 months old. She has a very sweet personality and is a friendly girl. She gets along really well with all of my other Yorkies and is even a bit submissive. She is a total sweetheart and loves to grin at you when you talk to her. Her ears only stand up when she wants them too.

She is doggy door trained and could be easily housebroken with a little time, patience, consistency and love. She is a smart girl and catches on quickly.  

She will come UTD on all of her annual vaccinations and a 3 year Rabies that is good until June 2, 2021. She is on Revolution for fleas, ticks and Heartworm prevention and is Microchipped.

She normally weighs 6 lbs but right now weighs 6.8 lbs because she still has milk from nursing her last litter of puppies. They were just weaned today. Her photos are current, taken 3/7/19.

Harper's teeth have always been perfect. She's never had any issues with gingivitis. She's was spayed on March 21st. She will be ready to leave anytime March 24th or after.

Pet Price $500