Adult Yorkies For Sale

Page Updated: October 20,2022 

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Traditional Yorkie Girl

Imported from Russia

York Fon Zander Santana

Call Name: Liberty

weighs 5.8-6 lbs

D.O.B. April 3, 207  (5 years old)

AKC & CKC Registered, also FCI RKF Export Pedigree

Liberty's a beautiful Traditional Yorkie girl with a Champion line pedigree. She has a gorgeous baby doll face, nice round apple head, straight topline, and a perfect steel blue silk coat. She was imported so she does have an intact tail and dewclaws. Her tail is gorgeous!!! I love their tails. I wish Americans were more excepting of a Yorkie with a tail. I'd stop docking all my puppies tails. 

She developed Pyometra and had to have an emergency spay on October 7th. She has recovered nicely and is back to her normal happy self. Liberty is super friendly and outgoing. She's a great little girl. She's used to using a doggy door. She has her own run in my kennel. She goes in and out when she pleases. She absolutely loves all my other dog's so I know she'd do well in a home with other pets.

She is UTD on her annual vaccinations and  has a 3 year Rabies that's good until August 25, 2024.

I keep all my Yorkies shaved down. The photo of her is in full coat. Her parents pedigrees are linked above her photo.

She is already spayed but does need a dental. I had scheduled her for a dental in early September but she came in heat and was bred, then she developed Pyometra and had to be spayed. Her teeth are solid, it doesn't look like she will lose any but they do need to be cleaned soon. She had to have an emergency spay after hours and I couldn't really ask my Vet to clean her teeth at the same time. It's not good to put them back under general anesthesia soon after a surgery.

Liberty is SOLD!