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If you're interested in acquiring a puppy, please fill out and submit the puppy application. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to call 678-665-8305 or email:

PLEASE....make sure you're SERIOUSLY interested in purchasing a puppy when filling out the puppy application.

PLEASE READ.....OUR POLICY concerning applications for puppies and Reserve Fee's. From this point forward, if you submit a puppy application, you MUST also place a $100 Commitment Fee for a puppy. This Fee will be deducted from the price of the puppy that you select @ 5 weeks. You will then pay the remaining Non-Refundable Reserve Fee for that particular puppy. It is NOT TRANSFERABLE to another puppy once placed! The remaining Reserve Fee will be either $150 or $400, depending on the price of the puppy.

If you're applying for a puppy that is currently posted for sale and the puppy is old enough to leave (10 weeks or older). You ARE NOT required to summit the $100 Commitment Fee. Once I receive your puppy application and I've had a chance to speak to your reference's I will contact you to schedule an appointment to come and pick up your baby.

Please use the link provided below for more information concerning Puppy Application's & Non-Refundable Reserve Fee's.


I'm sorry to have to do this but I've held many puppies for weeks, only to have the applicant end up cancelling due to family or health issues. The initial Commitment Fee can be paid through PayPal using the email address that is listed at the bottom of this page. If you have a checking account that is linked with PayPal you can send the $100 Commitment Fee as "Friends & Family" and you will not have to add PayPal's 3.5% fee to the total. I can also send an invoice through Square for the Commitment Fee. The invoice will include a 3.3% fee to cover Square's transaction fee. If your application for a puppy is DENIED your $100 Fee will be refunded. The initial Commitment Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE if YOU change your mind.

The website is updated almost daily, if you see a puppy that you're interested in posted on this page, then that particular puppy is available.

***The price of each pup is subject to change unless the puppy is reserved***

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Southern Star Yorkies


How to pronounce the word "Biewer" correctly.

I'm asked almost daily how to pronounce the name of our breed, Biewer. Since it's a German name, we pronounce the "W" as if it were a "V".

I pronounce it "Bee-veir"



 All of our Beautiful Biewer Yorkshire Terrier's have Champion Bloodline's.

 Deposit to hold a Biewer Puppy is $500.


Pet Price means we'll sell  pup on a Spay/Neuter Contract.

You'll receive CKC Registration Papers and copies of Sire & Dam's pedigree's when you provide proof of the pup being spayed or neutered.


Full IBC Registration allows for showing and Breeding Rights.

You'll receive the pup's IBC German Registration in the mail.

We only register the puppies with the IBC after the last puppy has sold in each litter of Biewer's.


My prices vary for our Biewer babies and it depends on a lot of different factors.

Our Biewer boy's typically start at $2000 and up as pets and can go to $3000. The latter price being for a tiny (under 4 lbs) gorgeous boy with lots of beautiful color, baby doll face, heavy silk coat and no faults.

Our Biewer girls start at $2500 and up as pets and can go to $3500. With the latter price being for a tiny (under 4 lbs) beautiful girl with lots of fabulous color, baby doll face, heavy silk coat and no faults.

However, I do have puppies occasionally that will be priced for less. They may be charting larger than the breed standard or have a color fault.


***Available Litter's of German Biewer Yorkies*** 

Stella was bred to Deacon!

She is a White Ocean Pearl (Sable Parti), Deacon is a Biewer.

They will have Champion lines from both parents and are Champion Sired.

Puppies will be IBC registered if sold with full breeding & showing rights, if sold as pets, copies of parents pedigrees and pet registration will be mailed once proof of spay/neuter is received.

****Stella's litter arrived Wednesday, April 24th***

****One White Ocean Pearl (Sable Parti) Boy will be Available to Reserve***

Photo's will be posted @ 5 weeks of age (5/29/19)


***Upcoming Litter's of German Biewer Yorkie Puppies***

Keeley has been bred to Deacon!

Both are Biewer's, Deacon was imported from Russia.

Puppies will be Champion Sired and are due 5/18/19. 

Mayci has been bred to Juice!

Both are Biewer's, Juice was imported from Russia.

Puppies will have a Champion Line pedigree and are due 5/22/19.

Goldie has been bred to Deacon!

Goldie is a German Ocean Pearl (Gold Sable) Yorkie that carries the Piebald gene.

Deacon is a German Biewer that I imported from Russia.

These babies will be Champion Sired!

It's always fun to see what Goldie will produce.

She could have Ocean Pearl (Gold Sable), White Ocean Pearl (Sable Parti), Biewer or Traditional Yorkie puppies.

Puppies are due 6/17/19.

Prada has been bred to Juice!

Both are Biewer's and were imported from Europe & Russia.

Puppies will have a fantastic Champion Line pedigree & are due 7/1/19


We accept payments through PayPal, MoneyGram, Western Union & a Square Invoice. 

We're also able to accept credit card payments onsite via a Square Card Reader.

***Square charges a 2.9% fee per transaction***

*****PayPal does charge a fee for this service, if you're paying by credit or debit card below, please add 3.5% to the total dollar amount of the puppy*****

To avoid the PayPal fee, if you have a checking account that is linked with PayPal send the payment as "Friends & Family".


***If you're placing a Commitment or Reserve Fee or purchasing a puppy using PayPal, please use the email for all payments***