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Southern Star Yorkies

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 We offer quality Champion Line Biewer's & Traditional Yorkshire Terrier puppies

We offer Full Registration to only a select clientele, only breeders that we know personally.
 The majority of our puppies are sold as Pets Only on a strict Spay/Neuter Contract.

About Us 

Southern Star Yorkies is located in the beautiful West Georgia area, conveniently located just West of Atlanta off of Interstate 20.We offer quality Biewer & Yorkshire Terrier puppies with wonderful Champion European, Russian & Canadian bloodlines.

Our lines include, Lake Buena Vista, Nove Kasio, Stribrne Prani, Hunderwood, Guemart, Pastoral, Durrer, Mini Shop, Rigair, Devil's of York, Knight of Blue Cross, Pinkerlton, Lonely Tunes, A Slice of Cake, Rothby, Parkside, Crosswinds, Millmoor, Clarkwyn and Stardust.

We take great pride in raising beautiful, healthy, quality Biewer's & Yorkie puppies. We strive to maintain an uncompromised quality and produce puppies that conform to the Yorkshire Terrier breed standard. We stand behind our puppies with a One Year Health Guarantee against any Heart, Kidney or Liver defects. I will always take one of my puppies back for any reason at anytime in their life. I'm always here for lifetime support after you take your puppy home as well.

We do offer partial delivery, as we're close to Alabama, Tennessee, South & North Carolina and Florida. You're always more than welcome to visit our home to select your new puppy. Our puppies health is our TOP PRIORITY!! 

The Yorkshire Terrier is an ideal dog for families, very loving, they will give you endless hours of entertainment. They're smaller than most other dogs, which makes them the perfect pet if you live in a smaller apartment. Their lifespan is usually 12-15 years and some have been known to exceed that age with proper care. The Yorkie is the perfect pet for you to enjoy for years to come.We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our adoption process. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

When making your decision to purchase a Yorkie Puppy......PLEASE!!!! Let good common sense guide your purchase, and choose a reliable well recommended source that you know has well satisfied customers. Don't look for a bargain, because you may end up paying many times over in future veterinarian bills, not to mention disappointment and heartache if your pet turns out not to be well. Buy a healthy Yorkie puppy with a good disposition, one that has been properly socialized and likes being around people. 

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