Southern Star Yorkies


Buyer/Seller Contract Agreement

This is the only Guarantee and Warranty of this puppy


I, Sydney Derington d/b/a Southern Star Yorkies (Seller), do hereby agree to sell

______AKC/CKC Yorkshire Terrier Puppy/Sex:______

______ IBC/CKC/AKC German Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Puppy/Sex:______

Color:________________________    D.O.B.:__________________________



Purchase Price:______________

Reserve Fee Paid:________________

Total Due:__________________


This pup is being sold with: Limited Registration__________

The Buyer__________________________________must submit written confirmation from their Veterinarian, either a itemized statement, a Letter of Sterilization or a Certificate of Spay/Neuter, stating that said pup has been spayed/neutered in order to receive the pup's Limited Pet Registration papers or copies of parents pedigree's with AKC puppies. If credible written proof is not received by the time the pup reaches one year of age, the Seller is entitled to Ten Thousand Dollars ($10.000) in damages.

Buyers Initials:__________


This pup is being sold with Full AKC/IBC Registration___________

The Buyer has Full Breeding and Showing Rights for this pup. Buyer further agrees to not breed this pup to another breed of dog, he/she can only be bred to a Yorkshire Terrier or a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier.

Buyer Initials:________

Seller Initials:________


Additional Terms: Seller offers a guarantee till the puppy is One (1) year of age. We will NOT stand behind our guarantee unless this puppy is given "NuVet Plus" vitamins daily for a minimum of One (1) year. Failure to do so makes this guarantee null and void! Please call NuVet to pre-order your puppies vitamins. 1-800-474-7044, Southern Star's order code is # 96910. If your ordering online  You must purchase the vitamins within One (1) month of owning this puppy. 


Seller guarantee this puppy is up to date on all age appropriate vaccinations and De-Wormings and is in good health at the time of pick up or delivery. The Seller agrees to allow Seventy-Two (72) hours (excluding weekends & holidays) from the purchase date for the Buyer to have said pup examined by a licensed Veterinarian for any life threatening health problems not visible at the time of purchase, such as Heart, Kidney or Liver defects. If the pup is diagnosed as having one of these birth defects, the puppy and a written report by the Veterinarian, stating what health problems the pup has must accompany this contract along with the pup and be returned to Seller within seven (7) days. Failure to do so will result in this contract being null and void. Seller will issue a new puppy if yours is found to have a congenital Heart, Liver or Kidney's defect within the first Twelve (12) months of life. With a One Year Genetic Health Guarantee, the Buyer shall be allowed to retain ownership of the original pup if they chose. Guarantee's are for a replacement pup only. If the Buyer does not want a replacement pup that is their option, but no cash refunds will be given, and the Buyer shall be responsible for all healthcare/Veterinary expenses. Buyer is also responsible for all shipping/transportation costs to/from Seller for original pup and replacement pup.

This contract does not guarantee against over or underbite, hernia's or Luxating Patella's, nor does it cover Kennel Cough, Coccidia or Giardia which is common in puppies and can easily be treated and cured. Any health problem that can be treated with medication and or surgery is not covered.


One Year Health Guarantee: This applies only to the original owner. If the pup dies before Twelve (12) months of age of any birth defect such as Heart, Kidney or Liver failure, the pup will be replaced with the next available pup of the same value if the following conditions are met: (1) A Necropsy must be done in order to state the cause being from one of the birth defects listed above. (2) This Necropsy report must include the identification of the pup, microchip and registration number 3. The Registration Papers must be returned to the Seller as soon as possible. If a Necropcy is not performed, then this guarantee is no longer valid and the pup will not be replaced.


Seller DOES NOT give cash refunds under any circumstances, but will replace said pup when one becomes available of the same sex, quality and price if all the conditions stated above are met.


If Buyer decides that they can no longer keep this pup for any reason, full ownership shall revert back to the Seller. If Buyer decides to resell this pup, this contract is not transferable to any new owners and will be null and void.


I understand that I, as the Buyer, will assume any and all veterinarian cost and any other expense's that I might incur in connection with this pup and waive any and all costs against Seller, Sydney Derington d/b/a Southern Star Yorkies.


I understand that Seller can not absolutely guarantee the size or temperament of a dog, nor do we guarantee the ears to stand.


ALL puppies are sold with a Limited Registration Contract

unless otherwise noted and initialed above.


All Sales Are Final.

I have read and agree to the terms of the above contract:


Buyer's Printed Name:________________________________________




Buyer's Signature:_________________________________________




Date of Purchase:_________________________________________


Seller's Signature:__________________________________________


Date of Sale:_____________________________________________



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We feed our puppies

Purina Pro Plan Puppy Food.

Chicken & Rice formula.

It can be purchased locally from Petsmart. 

You can also find it at some online retailer's such as

I send each puppy home with enough food to last for 2 to 3 days. Please make arrangements to find it locally or order it online prior to picking up your new baby.